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I always admired your talent as an artist; and I am proud to now own the John Lennon. It’s hung in my music room for inspiration. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Reid Simpkins - 26 Mar 2020
Magnificent! Your paintings are alive with magical colours and beauty. They leave me with peace and joy and a tug of nostalgia of days gone by, when I lived in the country. Talented is an understatement. What a gift you share. Yes I will definitely purchase one of your stunning paintings. Wow!
Elizabeth Cameron - 8 Oct 2017
Hi Craig, thanks for meeting me today with the painting. I will always treasure it. It already has special meaning to me knowing the artist and story behind "The Boss". I have your website saved under my 'favorites'. It is a real treat to browse through and I hope to add more to my collection down the road. Take care! Brenda
Brenda Letain - 2 Sep 2017
Wow! Awesome paintings...awesome talent! I had no idea you even painted. I guess that's what happens when one moves away...and that's a shame.. Glad I found your web page!
Bobbi Delsing (Roberta Beaulieu) - 15 Mar 2015
I have just checked out your website for the first time, finally. It goes without saying how I admire your Art.but I love this website. Great job on the design and the personal comments are fun to read ....
mae bayly - 8 Mar 2014
What a great body of work Craig! I am so pleased to have purchased Serenity for my daughter Cheryl. She found personal meaning in the piece.
Jerry Johnstone - 23 Dec 2012
Your paintings are all so marvelous, Craig! Will wonders never cease, eh? You're having a great time of retirement, by the looks of it, eh? I look forward to seeing more. Florence & Tony
Florence Picton - 7 Feb 2010
Craig-One touches your heart that lasts a lifetime. I love all your paintings. One I hold close to my heart is "Family Pets" It brings back so many happy memories.
Lisa Rajotte - 16 Jun 2009
I was going to ask how often you got out to golf now that you are need to ask - I can see where your time and talent is put to good use. Awesome job kiddo!
Annette Eibner - 13 Apr 2009
I love this website and have viewed your marvellous works a few times. Its saved as a favourite for me. I can see where Mindy gets her love of the outdoors from. Your wildlife subjects are exquisite. Thanks for sharing.
Nancy Garrow - 28 Feb 2009
Enjoyed viewing your paintings, the "big" cats are my favourite. You are a very talented man. My friend Vickie passed on your website and I will be forwarding it on to my friends who appreciate art. Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor - 9 Feb 2009
Great work Craig. Very inspiring to see how much you are doing with your retirement and the great progression of work. Hopefully we are worthy of another one someday for our wall. Dave
Dave Garrow - 22 Jan 2009
Hi Craig. We haven't met. I'm David's sister and a BIG FAN of your beautiful daughter Mindy--soon to officially be my sister in law!!! Anyway, quick message to say your paintings are beautiful. I esp. love the bear family and the birds in the tree (from vantage point of looking up at branches in blue sky)...all of them are really striking but those stuck out in my mind. Now I know where Mindy gets her talent from. As someone who can barely do a stick figure--I'm blown away!! Congratulations.
Jackie Garrow - 22 Jan 2009
Craig truely awesome work I had no idea you created so many pieces . Proud to have you as a brother. keep up the work.
Brent - 22 Jan 2009
Love it Dad!!!great font and slick background-your an inspiration to me as always! love your biggest fan mindy
Mindy - 21 Jan 2009
I am constantly amazed at your work, dad. You have a great talent that few possess. I look forward to your next piece. Love, TaraLynn
Tara Johnstone - 21 Jan 2009
Hi Craig - pleasure seeing you the other day for coffee. Congrats on your website - very impressive - good thing someone in this family has talent. Keep it up. Sincerely. Glen
Glen Simpkins - 21 Jan 2009
Great job Craig!
Susan Wiklund - 21 Jan 2009
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